Selecting Your Commercial HVAC Service Provider: What to Look For

Blog Selecting Your Commercial HVAC Service Provider: What to Look For
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Choosing a contractor that you can trust with your business and employees can be a difficult task. A professional company should be thorough and offer guarantees of their work and a high level of customer service which puts you at ease. We’ve put together some tips on what to look for.

1. The contractor should provide a site visit and spend significant time inspecting your current system to be able to provide a close to accurate quote and prevent surprises in the end. This may take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

2. Before hiring ensure you complete your due diligence – ask about licensing & WSIB Clearance.

3. Choose HVAC contractors that are insured so you can financially protect your business from damages should they arise.

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4. Quotes: Extremely low quotes often mean that the contractor doesn’t have the experience to properly quote the job, let alone complete the work properly. Low quotes may also mean shortcuts may be taken with the job in order to undercut legitimate competitors.

5. Ask if the HVAC contractor has any “Compliance Affiliations” – two of the most well known in the industry are; ComplyWorks and Contractor Check. Organizations like Comply Works and Contractor Check provide third party Health & Safety pre-qualification accreditation program that assesses the health and safety management system of contractors. The organization’s internal assessors gather evidence to determine if the contractor’s program meets legislative requirements and is appropriate for the work they do. Keep in mind your contractor may already have a CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional) on-site managing their safety program – the accreditation to the program by a third party affirms the contractor is doing the “right thing”.

6. Professionalism: pay close attention to organizations and their employees “conduct” this is often a great determinate of the service you’ll receive. All areas of the business should present professional conduct, a professional image of service staff, cleanliness & safety during work being performed, customer service staff, management, etc.

Clearly, this isn’t an exhaustive list but, the ones listed should be easy for any reputable contractor.


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