The Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

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Companies, in order to be successful and profitable, need to consider the bottom line of any decision. It may seem counterintuitive to spend money on a commercial HVAC maintenance program, and sometimes companies choose not to at their own risk.

The reality is, it’s money well spent. When it comes to your commercial HVAC equipment an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Proper maintenance of an HVAC unit will save you a great deal of money should something catastrophic occur (and it may).

Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a certified Commercial HVAC Company in the GTA like Springbank Mechanical to handle your HVAC maintenance, queries, and repairs.

1. Long Term Savings.

To keep your commercial HVAC equipment in good shape means that it runs more efficiently, uses less power, and less chance of a breakdown. On the contrary, a sluggish and poorly maintained HVAC unit can increase your energy usage dramatically, elevating costs.

2. Performance Efficiency.

As with any industrial/ commercial equipment, parts wear over time. When a commercial HVAC unit is neglected, failing parts are not identified and repairs not done before they become a bigger problem. When a part fails, not only will the unit stop operating, but the failed part can lead to the damage of other parts of the equipment. Now you have a failed part as well as a non-functioning unit, but even more broken parts on top of it. This could lead to a more expensive repair and longer downtime of the unit.

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3. Extending the Life of the Unit.

As with performance efficiency, proper HVAC maintenance of equipment and replacing failing parts will extend the life of all commercial HVAC units. The cost of replacing a piece of equipment can be a significant expense, so as a business owner you want to get as much use and longevity out of your current unit as possible.

4. Client/Staff Happiness.

Ultimately with a unit that is down for repairs or replacement, the lack of cooling, heating, and fresh air will negatively impact your business. Your staff will either have to work in hot and unpleasant conditions, or ultimately go home due to lack of indoor ventilation. Your customers/clients will be forced to do the same. Your prospect clients may think less of your company if you can’t stay open.

5. Don’t Be Reactive. Be Proactive!

Now that you understand some of the most common benefits of proper HVAC maintenance, it’s time to decide on the right company to service your equipment?

An easy mistake to make is not hiring a company in the commercial side of the industry and assuming that residential HVAC maintenance and commercial HVAC maintenance are the same thing. Absolutely not! Servicing commercial & industrial HVAC equipment is far more complex and requires the correct training to be done effectively. Springbank Mechanical trains its commercial HVAC repair team members properly and holds them to the highest standard. Ensuring that you have the right technicians maintaining your unit is the key to success in saving money, maintaining a healthy indoor environment by maintaining the HVAC equipment that makes it possible. Not to mention prolonging the life of the equipment.

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If you are interested in starting a maintenance plan for your commercial HVAC equipment, contact us at Springbank Mechanical Systems Ltd. We would be pleased to walk you through a plan and ensure that your buildings equipment is in top shape that will provide you many years of reliable service.

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