Pump Problems? Solutions to Common Issues with Commercial HVAC Pumps

Blog Pump Problems? Solutions to Common Issues with Commercial HVAC Pumps
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In its simplest terms, a commercial HVAC system is a collection of components and pieces of equipment that are assembled to create heating and cooling for a commercial facility. One of those pieces of equipment in a water-cooled heat pump system, is the heat pump itself. This equipment removes from or adds heat into the water/glycol mix being circulated around the building and allows for this heat to be reused indoors or rejected outdoors depending on whether you’re trying to heat or cool your facility.

Heat pumps tend to be very reliable, but what happens if your pump is delivering the proper heating or cooling? As a commercial HVAC services company in Ontario, we are experts on solving pump problems! Here are some common issues with commercial HVAC pumps and the solutions you need to resolve them.


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Improper Water Temperature

If the water entering the heat pump is either to cold or too hot depending on the season, the heat pump will shuts down or “lock out”.

The solution is to have a qualified service technician perform and an analysis of the system to determine what other component is not working properly – i.e.: hot water boiler or the closed-circuit cooler. Regular maintenance on this equipment is essential to good performance.

Unreliable Equipment

Heat pumps not unlike other pieces of mechanical equipment they require regular ongoing maintenance in order to ensure reliable trouble-free operation. If filters become clogged with dirt and airflow is restricted, this creates major performance issues for the heat pump, and it will cycle on and off and not properly maintain temperature.

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Improper Control Unit

One of the major complaints with commercial equipment is that “it doesn’t maintain temperature properly”. Many commercial units still use standard electronic thermostats which if not set properly can be adjusted by any person occupying the space. This means that in many cases the temperature is adjusted up & down continuously.

These thermostats can be set so that the adjustment is limited, and a more even temperature maintained. Just ask your service technician to set this up for you.


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Mechanical Equipment is Complex

Most manufacturers have installed proprietary electronic boards in their equipment, to provide more reliable control. This means that the service technician needs to be factory trained in order to ensure this equipment is properly setup and providing the energy efficiency it is capable of.

At Springbank every technician receives regular factory training from several different manufacturers so that we can always be counted on when are services are required.

Having a trusted and reliable commercial HVAC services company like Springbank Mechanical is essential to maintaining the life and health of your commercial HVAC pump. Call Springbank Mechanical TODAY and ask us about our maintenance program. We are here to help you with all of your commercial HVAC needs!

Gregg Little is Co-owner of Springbank Mechanical Systems. He can be reached at 905-569-8990 or gregg@springbank.com.