Common Signs That Indicate You May Need To Hire A Commercial HVAC Company

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When problems arise with your commercial HVAC system it is likely time to call in the pros. Maintaining an ideal temperature is critical to the success of your business, as it keeps both your customers and your employees happy.

Sometimes, however, parts do fail with commercial HVAC equipment. The good news is that most all equipment manufacture will sell replacement parts for many years after production. During a preventative maintenance inspection, we see many different red flags that indicate that a commercial HVAC unit needs attention before it actually fails. We at Springbank Mechanical believe you can notice some of the most common side effects of a problem before it becomes an immediate issue or breaks down.

Problem #1 The Unit is Blowing Too Little Air

Even if the air blowing from the vents is cool air, a decrease in flow or pressure is a sure-fire sign that your commercial HVAC system is struggling. There can be a variety of reasons for weak airflow, but the three main reasons are:

  • Ductwork Blockage
  • Restrictive Filter or Coil
  • Fan Problems

Of course it can be difficult to know if there is a decrease in pressure, so if you notice that your vents are blowing cool air, but the temperature is higher than the thermostat setting, then you likely have a problem and call for service ASAP, as letting this condition go without resolving can cause further problems with the mechanical components.

IMPORTANT! An HVAC unit will attempt to overcompensate for poor airflow, putting a great deal of stress on the system. Contact Springbank Mechanical Systems right away if you notice problems and we will inspect the unit to prevent any damage.

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Problem #2 The Unit is Making an Unusual Sound or Vibrating

This is the most easily identified “tell” that your unit is in need of further inspection. Your customers and your staff may be the first to notice this on the sales floor and a service call to check out the issue should be placed.

Simply assuming it will go away is not the recommended solution for this type of issue. The sooner it can be diagnosed and repaired the better before further issues can occur.

Problem #3 The Air is Overly Humid

Another indicator that there is a problem with an HVAC system is an overabundance of humidity in the air. Not only does overly humid air lead to discomfort for the people in your location, but it can also increase the risk of growing mold and mildew, which leads to a far greater problem than HVAC issues.

Should you notice that the air in your business is too humid, give us a call straight away to prevent other forms of damage to your product and building.

Conclusion: Hire a Commercial HVAC Specialist ONLY!

HVAC systems are large and complex and require a level of expertise beyond that of a residential HVAC specialist.

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Have you identified any of these problems with your HVAC system? Springbank Mechanical has been proudly serving the Toronto and the GTA for 28 years and will partner with you to maintain your HVAC system so that it functions properly and efficiently.

Call Springbank today if you have identified any of these problems.

Gregg Little is Co-owner of Springbank Mechanical Systems. He can be reached at 905-569-8990 or