3 Advantages of Preventative Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Blog 3 Advantages of Preventative Commercial HVAC Maintenance
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All products require regular Preventative Maintenance, especially commercial HVAC systems that operate all the time. It is inevitable that regular wear & tear and damage from the environment will eventually lead to repairs. However, Regular Preventative Maintenance provides several added benefits such as:

Longer equipment “Lifecycle”

Preventative care guarantees that your Toronto commercial HVAC gets the attention it needs.  If there is a small issue, it will get fixed before it turns into a bigger, more costly repair. Check the Manufacturer’s manual or talk to your Service Provider and come up with a proper maintenance plan for your equipment. It’s easy for a lot of companies to “set it and forget it” when it comes to their commercial HVAC. But, with any complex piece of equipment, you want it to last. Don’t overlook the importance of keeping it healthy, just like you would anything else that was critical to your operation and especially one that controls the temperature in the workplace where you and others work!

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Improved operating efficiency/reduced operating costs

Simple things like checking the condition of the fan belts and replacing them when needed or swapping out the filters when they are dirty will help your machine run smoothly and not have to work double-time to produce the results you need it too. Your commercial HVAC unit can’t run efficiently if its parts are dirty or pieces aren’t working as they should. If it’s struggling to operate, it will be using more energy and costing you more in monthly expenses. The cost of maintenance is minimal if you compare it to needing to replace this equipment long before it should be necessary.

Better indoor air quality

A dirty filter and a commercial HVAC that is struggling to run will result in poor air quality. Preventative maintenance should include measuring and inspecting electrical loads, connections and cleaning of cooling coils. Not cleaning them means that there can be dirt buildup on the surfaces, which will then filter into the air that everyone is breathing.

No one wants to work somewhere that has poor indoor air quality. Set up monthly, quarterly, and yearly preventative checks and have someone responsible for ensuring the commercial HVAC system receives its regular check-ups.

There are times to cut corners, and there are times where spending a little bit on preventative care will go a long way. Your HVAC system is definitely not a place to cut corners when it comes to maintenance. Create a plan, get your HVAC checked, and have peace of mind when it comes to your system.

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