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As workplaces across Southern Ontario are preparing to reopen post-COVID-19 and resume normal operations, property managers are paying close attention to new sanitization guidelines and sterilization protocols to help provide a clean environment.

Much of these new health standards involves stopping the transmission of pathogens through the air we breathe. A clean, efficient HVAC system is at the heart of providing clean air to your building occupants.

Call Springbank Mechanical Systems for a thorough inspection, cleaning, and upgrading of your system components. Our team of licensed technicians will take the necessary steps to help your HVAC system provide cleaner, fresher air, including:

  • Sanitizing components: Our team of technicians will perform a deep cleaning and disinfecting of your air handling units, cooling coils, and other system components to prevent mold, bacteria, and other pollutants from entering the air stream.
  • Adjusting ventilation controls: On-demand ventilation should be converted to an automated control system that schedules uninterrupted ventilation to maintain air circulation.
  • Implement air purification: We can also help you utilize the right UVC lighting or bipolar air purification technology to help keep large, high-traffic areas, such as waiting or locker rooms, as germ free as possible.
  • Upgrading filtration: For the best air filtration possible, we recommend upgrading to at least MERV-13 filters to meet CDC and ASHRAE guidelines, or to the highest grade possible that’s compatible with your filter rack. We’ll also seal the edges of the filter to help stop contaminants from bypassing the filter and entering into the air stream.
  • Rebalance air changes: We’ll help rebalance the air changes per hour in your building by adjusting the outside air intakes to allow for more fresh air vs. recirculated air.
  • Monitoring and adjusting humidity levels: Maintaining an air humidity level of 43% or more has been shown to limit the spread of a virus. We can help monitor your humidity levels and add moisture to the air when necessary.

In addition to providing cleaner, healthier, and fresher air to your occupants, keeping your HVAC system components clean and maintained will also extend the life of your system, reduce wear and tear on your equipment, and cut down on both service calls and energy bills.

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