Enhancing HVAC Customer Service with Technology

Blog Enhancing HVAC Customer Service with Technology
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Modern technology has changed the world around us for the better. We get things faster, communicate easier, and can learn about the world in the blink of an eye.

New and amazing technical innovations have come to the HVAC industry as well. Technology has not only greatly enhanced HVAC products and services with energy-efficient, money-saving solutions, but also in the way contractors communicate with their customers through the entire lifecycle of the project, as well as beyond.

Since our inception in 1990, Springbank Mechanical Systems has always kept an eye on the future by ensuring our technology in both the office and the field is capable of expanding quickly. With this strategy, we’ve been able to stay ahead of our competitors by adopting new innovations that take the customer experience to a whole new level.

HVAC Service Call Innovations

We operate our business on a fully integrated electronic software program that allows the technician to easily investigate and diagnose equipment issues, while enabling the customer to be alerted on project completion in real time, as well as plan ahead for the lifecycle of their equipment.

The process starts when a customer places a service call. Our customer service team uses DATABASICS, one of the most efficient data entry systems available, to enter their information into our system where it becomes part of the customer’s site history.

The call is then assigned to a technician, who is alerted on their Samsung tablet using a program called TechAnywhere, which will allow them access to the client’s file. Once on site, the technician can investigate the problem, and use the information on his tablet to view any previous calls or past history in order to determine any patterns or repetitive issues for the equipment in question.

They also have access to hundreds of technical documents through our company portal, which the technician can use to troubleshoot or diagnose the problem. If further assistance is needed, they can use their tablet to gain access to the manufacturers tech support groups, or contact their group supervisor, field supervisor, or service manager for advice. By using all of this information and data, the technician can make recommendations for repair or replacement.

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HVAC Customer Care Technology

Once the technician has completed the job, the customer is required to sign the work order on the tablet. The work order is then date stamped, entered into our system, and emailed directly to the customer, giving them an accurate, real-time record of when the project was completed.

Because we keep track of the customer’s past repair history, including equipment service and repair expenses, we can accurately predict when the equipment will need service or replacement in the future. Having this information at our fingertips reduces the need for follow-up or repeat service calls, saving the customer both time and money. The customer can also use this information to determine the expected lifecycle of their equipment, giving them the ability to budget long into the future.

Technology is always evolving, and we plan to evolve with it to ensure our customers continue to have a great experience with our company.

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I’m always happy to talk about how Springbank Mechanical Systems uses modern technology to better serve our customers. If you’d like to learn more, call or email me anytime.

Gregg Little is Co-owner of Springbank Mechanical Systems. He can be reached at 905-569-8990 or gregg@springbank.com.

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