Commercial Buildings – How To Save Money

Blog Commercial Buildings – How To Save Money

Anyone who owns or manages a commercial building understands that energy consumption can dramatically affect a company’s bottom line. Reducing waste and having an efficient HVAC system is critical to improving the level of cost endured by a business in a commercial environment.

Your company’s HVAC system makes up for about 50% of that energy consumption. Here are six tips to help you reduce that cost and improve your company’s bottom line.


  1. HVAC Maintenance

Unquestionably, the best way to save money in your commercial environment is through regular HVAC maintenance performances. Having a professional and certified Commercial HVAC company come in, look for inefficiencies or problems and remedy them will save you the most money.

Nothing will quite use up energy like an overworked commercial HVAC system. Some of the things that may be found in an inspection are clogged filters, worn down parts and dirty ducts. Make sure that you are working with a commercial HVAC company to check these issues on a monthly basis.

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  1. Insulation

Proper insulation will also reduce energy costs. You can save up to 10% of your energy costs through proper insulation and sealing, and it’s a relatively inexpensive process. Pipes and HVAC ducts are often overlooked during the installation process so ensure that they are not.


  1. Smart Technology for Buildings

Leaving on the lights and leaving on the AC/heating can greatly increase a company’s energy costs. Leaving this in the hands of employees may not be the greatest idea. An alternative option is Smart Building Technology. This allows a company to automate lights and building temperatures. Smart technology can also allow you to set different times for different sections of a building.

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  1. Train Workers to Be Efficient

If Smart Building Technology is not for you or any of your company’s budget, then a simple system for employees can be implemented. Develop a system for the lights and the company temperature, train your employees on how it works, and ensure that they are using it properly.


  1. Retrofitting Your HVAC Unit

If you’re having significant difficulties with your system, you may not need to replace it right away. Retrofitting certain parts can have an immediate impact on your energy consumption and help reduce your energy bill. Some retrofits can include:

  • Adding condenser fan controls
  • Adding demand-controlled ventilation
  • Adding air-side economizers
  • Replacing the system’s compressor


  1. Replacing your HVAC System

As undesirable as this may sound, it could be the best option for saving money in the long term. Old commercial HVAC units that are not functioning efficiently are energy guzzlers, and if a retrofit is not a viable option, replacing the unit is the strategic move. It will save you money in the long term and you will stop hemorrhaging money on an inefficient unit.



We at Springbank Mechanical, a Toronto Commercial HVAC services company, are ready to help you reduce your monthly energy bill and improve your bottom line. Call today if you think your energy bill is too high, and we’ll have a discussion about improving it!

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