The Must-Have Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Blog The Must-Have Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist
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Facility costs are a significant expense for any commercial business owner. Energy costs can be very high and make up a large percentage of your expenses along with mortgage/rent.

Reducing energy expenses should be a high priority for any business owner, because it is a fluctuating expense. If the number can be lowered, let’s lower it, and use that saved money for other causes like business growth and development. This begins with your commercial HVAC system.


The Value of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

HVAC systems are one of the largest energy consumers that commercial business owners face (along with lighting). Many companies have integrated business automation software to assist with the reduction of their energy usage. These systems are definitely helpful, but proper Commercial HVAC maintenance by a professional company on a monthly basis is critical in maintaining an efficient system and extending the life of the system.

This Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist will walk you through the necessary steps that a quality commercial HVAC company will take to ensure a healthy HVAC system for our valued clients.


Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Performing these maintenance tasks on a monthly basis is critical to maintaining an efficient commercial HVAC system.

Air Filters

  • Clean air filters can mean a reduction in energy cost by up to 20%.
  • Air filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If they are accumulating debris fast and require changing more often, every three to six months is the general range.
  • To ensure that the filter has not become clogged or worn, air filters should be inspected at least once per month.
  • Air filters need to be examined consistently as they will become clogged faster during heavy use months and slower during light use months.

Thermostat Programming

  • This should be performed when adjustments in temperature lead to different levels of usage. A general rule is at the beginning of the heating and the cooling seasons.
  • This should be considered monthly, but not necessarily performed monthly. Even if you have manually performed this and input settings in the past, energy costs can be reduced by looking at each season at it comes. It is also worth examining that all areas of your commercial facility still require the same amount of usage.

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Preventative HVAC maintenance is a tune-up for your HVAC systems, allowing them to run efficiently during the seasons. All of these steps require a commercial HVAC professional. This should be performed when adjustments in temperature lead to different levels of usage. A general rule is at the beginning of the heating and the cooling seasons.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance – Indoor:

  • Test safety controls
  • Clean/replace air filters
  • Replace or maintain all belts
  • Blower assembly is checked and cleaned
  • Clean ignition system
  • Clean combustion blower housing
  • Clean/clear condensate lines, evaporator coil and drip pan
  • Clean burner assembly
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Inspect flue system
  • Inspect duct system
  • Check and tighten wiring and connections

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Outdoor:

  • Inspect compressor
  • Clean coil and cabinet
  • Inspect and maintain fan motor/blades
  • Measure refrigerant level
  • Clear all condensate lines and drain pans
  • Inspect wiring and safety controls

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By contracting a quality commercial HVAC company like Springbank Mechanical, we can ensure the maximum savings and efficiency from the HVAC system at your facility.

Call Springbank Mechanical today and see how we can serve your needs.


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