Why Adopt an Energy-efficient HVAC System?

Blog Why Adopt an Energy-efficient HVAC System?
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Your HVAC system accounts for a large part of your commercial building’s total energy consumption. After all, it operates on a 24-hour, 365-day basis to keep the climate at an appropriate setting around the clock. HVAC systems also have many working industrial-grade parts, including cooling towers, heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, and much more, depending on the user’s line of business.

Because they consume so much energy, they’re also responsible for a significant portion of your energy costs. It’s little wonder that building operators have become enticed by the idea of installing energy-efficient equipment that both saves money and reduces their property’s environmental footprint

Benefits of Using Energy-efficient HVAC Systems

There’s a reason why most new office buildings are built using energy-efficient HVAC technology – modern developers understand the immediate cost savings involved by starting out with energy-efficient equipment.

Property owners with older HVAC systems who want or need to upgrade them will find many benefits to converting their equipment to this less expensive technology:

Faster Cost Recovery
Many energy-efficient HVAC systems are comparable in cost to traditional energy systems that use more expensive industrial parts. The energy savings and reduced repair costs that come with a new energy-efficient system will help you recover installation costs faster.

These HVAC systems are designed to save you two things: energy and money. Your energy savings could be as high as 50%, and that will reflect favourably on your electricity bill.

Higher Occupancy Rates
Prospective tenants know the energy savings that this technology can bring, and will put your building high on the list of rental options. With more tenants coming in, the chances of empty units diminish.

Improved Workplace Productivity
People feel good when they do things for the environment. Your tenants understand this and can use your healthy, productive, energy-efficient environment as a tool to recruit an ethical, responsible workforce.

Increased Property Value
Higher occupancy, easier maintenance, and lower energy costs will have a positive effect on your property value. Sophisticated buyers who recognize the long-term value of energy-efficient technology will look to bid on your building first.

You’ll be Future Ready
Many new public developments are being designed and built using energy-efficient technology, such as the Google Sidewalk Labs project in Toronto. You’ll become part of the future and adapt easily when new technology becomes available.

Great Public Optics
Do you know who loves buildings that are energy efficient? Everyone – including environmental advocates, the media, and the government. And in the last case, their support for your initiative could go beyond admiration and straight into your company’s bank account.


Government Incentives for Energy Efficiency

One of the best parts of living in an environmentally progressive society is that if you want to upgrade your existing systems to one that’s more energy efficient, the government is willing to help you pay for it.

With so many programs in place, building owners have an added incentive to take a serious look at these upgrades and benefit from the additional financial assistance:   

  • Natural Resources Canada has many funding, grant, and incentive programs that encourage the research, development, and integration of energy-efficient technology for Canadian businesses. You can search for rebate and incentive programs that apply to your business here.
  • The Government of Ontario has also invested $25 million in the SMART Green program. This program is designed to help Ontario businesses invest in equipment and process upgrades that will make them more energy efficient.
  • Toronto businesses can also apply for financial incentive programs for businesses considering a switch to energy-efficient equipment.


Get Started with Energy Efficiency for HVAC Systems

There is an abundance of energy-efficient products on the market today. Building owners not only need to know which parts to get, but also how all the parts integrate with one another.

This is when the guidance of your HVAC maintenance team comes in handy. At Springbank Mechanical Systems, we perform a careful analysis of your needs and get to know your current system inside out. From there, we’ll recommend proven products from reputable manufacturers that will both reduce your energy costs and provide a better environment for your tenants.

We’ll also help you determine which incentive programs and rebates you qualify for, and help you apply for them. These programs are designed to help you now and over time to bring your HVAC system into the future of energy-efficient technology. Contact me anytime to learn more.

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Gregg Little is Co-owner of Springbank Mechanical Systems. He can be reached at 905-569-8990 or gregg@springbank.com.

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