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With the warmer weather ahead of us, it’s time for commercial property managers to start planning their cooling system start-ups. This plan should establish objectives such as cutting down on energy costs, extending the life of your HVAC components, and ensuring that tenants get the best indoor air quality possible. 

To help achieve these goals, many companies are enhancing their high-cost cooling systems, such as refrigeration compressors, with an HVAC economizer for their commercial and industrial properties.


What Is An HVAC Economizer?

HVAC economizers are units that are generally installed on the rooftop mechanical equipment of a commercial building. The economizer’s logic controllers and sensors are designed to measure outdoor temperature and humidity levels, also known as enthalpy. When the proper enthalpy level is detected, usually at night or on cool days, the unit’s internal dampers will pull in air from outside to cool the building.

Using an economizer will require less demand on mechanical equipment like chillers and compressors, resulting in significant energy savings. Once the hot season passes, it may be possible for the mechanical refrigeration to be shut down entirely until the following spring, allowing you to run your entire system using only the economizer.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Commercial HVAC Economizer? 

Commercial property managers who install or recommission existing economizers can benefit in the following ways:

Lower Energy Bills

Economizers use significantly less energy than mechanical cooling means, such as chillers and compressors, to provide cooling. Integrating them into your HVAC system will substantially lower your energy bills and increase fresh air in your building.

Extends The Life Of Your Equipment 

Cutting down on the use of your HVAC system will help decrease the wear and tear on its mechanical cooling components, giving you fewer breakdowns, reducing maintenance calls, and giving your system a longer life span.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

HVAC technology is constantly evolving, and many older buildings weren’t designed with forward-thinking ventilation systems in mind. Installing an economizer or HRV/ ERV can help improve the indoor air quality of older buildings by bringing in fresh air and exhausting stale air to the outside. The results are happier, more comfortable tenants and fewer sick days from air pollutants that can linger indoors.


Which Types Of HVAC Economizer Is Best For My Building?

Since Southern Ontario experiences summers with high humidity, we recommend our customers use single enthalpy (wet) bulb economizers that measure outdoor air temperature and humidity levels to ensure indoor air is as comfortable as possible.

Differential enthalpy units are more advanced than single enthalpy in that they measure both the outdoor air and the return air. These systems are ideal for more complex HVAC systems where, for example, a single HVAC system sends air from five to 20 zones in the building through secondary air handling units.

When you’re ready to reap the cost-effective benefits of economizers, HRVs, and ERVs, contact our qualified HVAC team at Springbank Mechanical Systems to evaluate your system and recommend which type of unit would be the best fit.

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Spring Inspections To Help Your HVAC System Be Ready For The Summer

Installing an HVAC economizer is a great way to prepare your system for summer start-up, but it’s only part of the equation. A comprehensive system inspection is required to ensure optimal performance during peak cooling demand with as little system downtime and energy consumption as possible.

Spring inspections look at your entire system for potential problems, wear on components, and opportunities for upgrades while focusing on several key areas, including the airside and refrigeration equipment of your rooftop unit, water chillers, and cooling towers. Your HVAC inspection team should also ensure that all your HVAC system components are clean, operational, and ready to handle the load of the upcoming cooling season.

The spring inspection is also the perfect time to optimize your system for energy efficiency, identify the parts of your system that could be upgraded, or consider new technology, such as economizers, that could be installed to help you save on energy bills.

Remember, it’s essential to only have licensed HVAC technicians perform work on your system. When you need professional HVAC service and advice, Springbank is only a phone call away.

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Call Springbank Mechanical Systems For Qualified Commercial HVAC Service

Springbank’s fully qualified technicians specialize in maintaining, servicing, and replacing all brands, types, sizes, and configurations of commercial HVAC equipment, including economizers, rooftop units, water-cooled heat pumps, cooling towers, hot water boilers, circulating pumps, steam humidifiers, make up air units, and much more.

We also ensure prompt, friendly service and courteous technicians, adding up to an exceptional customer experience unparalleled in our industry.

Our team is always happy to discuss how Springbank makes commercial HVAC maintenance easier and more cost-efficient for your commercial properties. Contact us anytime – we’d love to hear from you!


Gregg Little, Paul DeThomasis, and Hugo Lopes are co-owners of Springbank Mechanical Systems. You can reach them at 905-569-8990 or via email at,, or

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