Why Regular HVAC Maintenance is Crucial to Your Bottom Line

Blog Why Regular HVAC Maintenance is Crucial to Your Bottom Line
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As a property manager, you understand the importance of reducing costs whenever possible. However, there are certain business expenditures that might appear to save you money in the short term, but will cost you much more over time if you cut them out of your budget.

For example, HVAC maintenance programs and remote monitoring services offer a way to keep your system performing at peak levels throughout the year, as well as help you avoid expensive, preventable repairs that will cost you even more money down the road.

In addition to that, the added stress on your system components from not having them inspected on a regular basis can cut their life by as much as 50%, resulting in additional expenses that could have easily been absorbed by investing in an HVAC maintenance program.

Lower energy bills, increased property value, and reduced service calls from tenants are other critical reasons to sign on for a service program offered by experienced, qualified HVAC technicians.


HVAC Maintenance Programs

When you think of HVAC maintenance, the first thing that pops into your mind might be changing the filters, along the lines of the ones you have at home.

And you would be correct. Especially in the summer, when air quality is poor due to natural environmental changes in the spring, such as increased dirt, dust, and pollination, filters need to be changed to maintain a strong airflow. If the airflow is weak, the added stress on your system components could cause them to overheat.

However, there’s much more involved in maintaining HVAC efficiency than changing filters 3 – 4 times per year, such as:

  • Inspecting hot water and steam boilers and valves
  • Removing mineral buildup from cooling towers or closed-circuit coolers
  • Cleaning steam humidifiers of mineral deposits
  • Replacing steam-generating cylinders
  • Inspection of water-cooled heat pumps

These important components add to the overall efficiency of your HVAC system, and if any are underperforming due to maintenance issues, your system’s efficiency could suffer. This will result in higher energy costs, as well a reduction in your system’s lifespan.

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HVAC System Remote Monitoring

Now that you’ve set up your regular HVAC maintenance program, it’s also a good idea to ensure that everything is operating smoothly between maintenance calls. This can be done by remotely monitoring your HVAC building automation systems (BAS).

Automated systems can be easily customized to your tenants’ needs, right down to each individual office, and also be closely monitored by HVAC technicians from a remote location. By using the latest in HVAC technology, your system will instantly alert your service team about any potential issues, allowing technicians to respond in a timely manner, minimizing system downtime and returning climate efficiency to your building sooner.

Remote monitoring also tracks your system’s performance, so you can easily review and request adjustments when necessary, based on real data. Your HVAC maintenance service team will also be able to make informed recommendations to help advise you when changes need to be made.

Best of all, the long-term reduction to your energy bills, as well as avoiding premature parts repair and replacement costs, more than offset your investment in the remote monitoring of your HVAC system.


Better Air Quality – Better Bottom Lines

Significant cost savings isn’t the only factor in signing up for an HVAC maintenance program. The happiness and health of your tenants and customers is another important consideration.

Poor outdoor air quality is a constant concern, especially in urban and industrialized areas where there is a lot of foot, automotive, and air traffic or ongoing construction. If your HVAC system isn’t cleaning the incoming air efficiently, your tenants could be subject to these pollutants.

Good air quality means your tenants’ employees are more comfortable and happy, thereby increasing productivity. Clients visiting offices in your office towers will feel the difference as well. If you own a retail store, clean air means shoppers will spend more time browsing the aisles and filling their carts.

All of these factors can affect your bottom line, which is why calibrating the control systems, as well as inspecting, cleaning, and servicing your HVAC system to provide healthier air to breathe is part of regular HVAC maintenance carried out by a team of qualified HVAC technicians.

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In summary, it’s important to think of HVAC maintenance programs and remote monitoring services as wise investments as opposed to added expenditures. Protecting your HVAC system now will save you money over the long term on energy consumption, avoidable repairs, and system longevity, as well as protecting your bottom line by providing a healthy indoor climate for everyone. As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you have about your commercial HVAC system.

Gregg Little is Co-owner of Springbank Mechanical Systems. He can be reached at 905-569-8990 or gregg@springbank.com.

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